MyLaps RC4 (3 wire) Pro Transponder, black

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Part # MLP10R147
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  • Shorter cable
  • Pitch-black design
  • Only 3 grams
  • Pair with Speedhive app for services

Lightest version ever offered!

The RC4 Pro Transponder is specially designed to take any RC racer to the next level. The MyLaps transponder is used in all vehicles on the track to identify the racer and record their results.

The RC4 Pro Transponder features a shorter 8 cm / 3.15 in cable, ensuring a perfect fit every time. The pitch-black design gives any RC car that beautiful finish it deserves. The transponder comes in at only 3 grams, making it the lightest version ever offered.

MyLaps Speedhive is the platform where RC racers can get more insights in their race performance. With the Speedhive app and web services you can track races, find your practice results, compare results and share your progress with friends.

#MLP10R147 contents:
qty 1 RC4 Pro Transponder
qty 1 Double-sided tape
qty 1 MyLaps sticker sheet
qty 1 Quick Start Guide

Dimensions:15.7x18.0x4.5mm (0.62x0.71x0.18 in)
Cable Length:80mm/3.1 in
Max. Speed:120km/h/75mph
Signal Transfer:Magnetic Induction
Transponder Position:Max. Height 15cm/6 in
Connection Plug:Connect using a standard servo plug
Operating Voltage:2.8 <---> 16VDC (recommended: 3.5 <---> 12VDC)
Humidity:Max. 90% relative
Temperature Range:0-50C/32-122F
Code Resolution:1.5ms
Power:Feed from free receiver channel (ch3 or 4)
Power Consumption:19mA @ 6VDC
Wire Insulation:Aerospace/MIL-spec high-temp PTFE (Gasoline)/Nitro resistant)

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